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I there an easy way to do this?

At first I though the tag link from the unanswered tab would do this, but alas no (it shows all questions for that tag), and I can't see anything in the advanced search syntax which would do this (though I guess votes:0 would come close).

TIA, Paul.

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try this in the search (for the sql tag for example)

[sql] hasaccepted:0


[sql] answers:0

Put a tag name within square brackets [] to use it as a search axis. The trilogy definition of "unsanswered" is something without an accepted answer (the first example). No answers period, see the second example.

Here's how the search became a little less crappy, which'll answer a few things about searching the trilogy.

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Thanks - that's much better! – pdbartlett May 15 '10 at 15:58

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