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I know, this is a really REALLY broad.

What kind of interesting question lists can you generate from the data dump (that you can not get by using the SO UI)

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Here is one I prepared earlier.

List of all the unanswered questions by people with more than 5000 rep. (note I can not exclude closed questions as the info is missing from the dump) Also some of the list is out of date.

select '[' + Title + '](' + '' + cast(Id as varchar(max)) + ' "link")  <br/>' from Questions 
where Id in 
select from Questions q
left join Answers a on q.Id = a.ParentId 
group by
having isnull(sum(case when a.score < 0 then 0 else a.score end),0) = 0 
and OwnerUserId in (select Id from Users where reputation > 5000)
and AcceptedAnswerId is null
and IsWiki = 0
order by CreationDate desc
  1. In Eclipse 3.5 (and with the Aptana plugins), how do I get a view that I can use to show my project, including "dot" files?
  2. how to use the Automation object model of Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, etc.) in "plain" COM/ActiveX
  3. Community like features in bug tracking software?
  4. can i view aspnet.db in sql server 2008 management studio
  5. Is there a way to transfer external files using Aptana's FTP browser?
  6. What is causing the jumps here? [deleted]
  7. Sister-Sites Greasemonkey Concept [deleted]
  8. Click event fires in IE/Firefox, but Chrome is dropping the event assignment
  9. How is Scala "filling in" missing arguments to a case class?
  10. What does the remote-actor framework do if trying to write to a client which is no longer there?
  11. How can I identify a remote actor?
  12. PostgreSQL ODBC driver not showing up in Control Panel (Data Sources)
  13. How do i readlink -f on a Mac?
  14. How can I hide the space to the left of menu items in XAML menus?
  15. How can I prevent input controls from stealing the space character from the TextCompositionManager?
  16. IE MIME/content filtering
  17. How can I control IE6+jQuery+jQuery-ui memory leaks ?
  18. Simplest way of updating SQL Server 2005 from a REST web service
  19. Forcing HttpOnly cookies with JRun/ColdFusion
  20. IUI way to display invalid password
  21. What is the standard parallel GC called in JVM crash dumps?
  22. Is there a file-based equivalent to .htaccess in IIS6? (not config/plugin)
  23. Are static functions isolated in JSP/Grails applications under tomcat?
  24. Quickly Convert (.rtf|.doc) Files to Markdown Syntax with PHP
  25. Visual Studio 2005 .vcproj files won't stay encoded as UTF-8
  26. IsValidLocale returns FALSE - how to overcome this?
  27. What is the best way to post embedded audio (.wma) on a website? [deleted]
  28. Access the project file structure within the Visual Studio Properties property grid?
  29. Profile Providers without web.config? [deleted]
  30. Creating a "Heartbeat" or Windows-Service-Like functionality in Asp.Net
  31. Is it meaningful to override the '==' method in ActiveRecord subclasses?
  32. FolderBrowserDialog takes eons to list the subfolders of a folder located in an USB drive
  33. difficulties getting a simple envers example to work: problem #34
  34. CHECKSUM() collisions in SQL Server 2005
  35. When user clicks on icon area of MenuItem, DelegateCommand does not fire. [deleted]
  36. CSS text alignment alternative for buttons on a BlackBerry? [deleted]
  37. Finding the right pattern for loading objects with different graphs
  38. JavaBeans and DSLs
  39. Circular resource references causing issues?
  40. How to use System.Web.Abstractions in a Web Forms application?
  41. How to properly implement a custom session persister in PHP + MySQL?
  42. Adsense in a AJAX heavy webapp
  43. model view controler in grails with out database backend?
  44. Tool for finding ways to get an object instance inside the debugger?
  45. Visual Studio Unit Testing Accessor, how to re-generate them without closing VS?
  46. Creating a network adapter - how hard is it?
  47. Can WPF print PDF and Office files directly?
  48. Are other companies/products/websites providing access via Google Data APIs?
  49. Grails web flow testing [deleted]
  50. Does the dot Directed Graph allow for subgraphs with a different rankdir?

The list goes on but I have no clean way of displaying it here.

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Can anyone think of a way I can post links plus descriptions and not take out the UI? – waffles Jul 14 '09 at 1:52
Append two spaces on the end of each question link in your query. then you can post the results here easily and it will include the line breaks. – Joel Coehoorn Jul 14 '09 at 3:02
guys, seriously, PLEASE read -- it is FULL of REALLY GOOD INFO. – Jeff Atwood Jul 14 '09 at 6:18
@Jeff, I did - I'm still a bit lost on how to get the scroll box around a long list of links. – waffles Jul 14 '09 at 10:57

This might result in interesting filters to display questions on the frontpage: only show me posts from users with rep +5k related to C

Though that would require some change of the SO UI... and is not really answering your question either...

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