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For those who put a lot of hard work into testing/developing-against the API, I thought it would be nice to reward them with a badge.

The more I thought about it, I began to think:

Why don't we repurpose an existing badge?

Since there is already a badge for participating in the private beta of SO, why don't we change it to say

This badge is awarded to those who participated in testing something on StackOverflow.

Of course, the wording needs to be changed, but you get the idea.

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I thought I'd seen this before, but can't find it now. (Maybe it was an answer or comment on something else?) – Gnome May 15 '10 at 20:53
Maybe this would be a good use for the mythic "Hacker" badge – Kyle Cronin May 15 '10 at 21:07
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Opening up the Beta badge to be attainable in the future would make it less exclusive (full disclosure: I don't have it), which some users may object to.

However, I think the following should outweigh any user objections:

  • Promoting participation in any current or future beta testing
  • Keeping the badge system simpler (use the same badge vs. adding a new badge for every beta)

Overall, I support this idea, as I think the benefits are better than the drawbacks.

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All the badges are rewarded automatically, but this one really needs to be handawarded. Or do you see any automatable ways? I don't expect Jeff to add a handawarded badge to the set.

Nevertheless, the idea is nice.

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