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Which are the criteria for questions to appear among the "top questions"? (those that you get clicking in the logo)

I used to believe that they were those who recently were created/edited/answered, but now I notice that my last question is not there, despite having being updated 3 minutes ago.

At first I thought it could be because it has a very negative score (-10), but then I noticed there's a question with -7 points (I guess if you filtered out questions with a very negative score, the theresold would have been -5).

What happened then?

Update: The -7 points question has been bumped by a moderator, maybe this means that "low-points" questions do actually get filtered, unless they are bumped by a moderator?

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kthx########### – forget it May 16 '10 at 19:15

Well, it depends what tab you're on. "Top" has a few different dimensions.

And since you asked the threshold to appear on the homepage is -4 on SO/SF/SU and -8 on Meta. Anything lower won't be shown.

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oh lol thanks, I totally missed my guess – forget it May 16 '10 at 21:45

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