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When adding more than 5 tags, we can't post or submit edits. However, when exceeding the length limit of 25 characters for a tag, no such restriction is in place.

This leads to some broken tags like , , , etc....

Could we have the same restriction from posting/submitting here as for the tag count limit? Or alternatively at least a warning?

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And also with a tag that was suppose to read always-friday-in-wonderland instead reads always-friday-in-wonderla – IAbstract May 16 '10 at 22:41

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OK, we now disallow submission on new questions and edit to questions, when any tag length exceeds the maximum (25 characters).

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I agree, especially since I contributed to the [visual-web-developer-expr] broken tag issue by accident, only realizing it months later when someone edited my tags.

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