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Yesterday I was reading through the responses to "what is the best programming paper you have read". I left the tab on my browser open & hit "refresh" today to see what the latest answers are. To my surprise, the page has disappeared! I get the standard "Page Not Found".

Even Google indexed the question (still indexed as of right now). Where did this question go? Why can't I see it anymore? There were some fantastic answers that I'd like to look at in more detail!

I tried searching via StackOverflow's search bar & Google, but I couldn't find anything...

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raises hand I flagged this question for merging into its dupe. – Ether May 21 '10 at 0:16
See related feature request here:… – Pete May 21 '10 at 20:09
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It looks like it got merged with "What are your favorite programming-related academic papers?"

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And there is no auto-linking happening in this case? – Georg Fritzsche May 21 '10 at 0:53
@gf: There's never auto-linking when questions are merged. This is why we typically like to leave questions closed as duplicates around, so they stay linked to the original. – Bill the Lizard May 21 '10 at 1:23
Would it be a good idea to have questions either link to their merged targets, or just auto-redirect there? I didn't even know question merging existed, I always assume when that happens a question got deleted – Michael Mrozek May 21 '10 at 5:27

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