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I just created my account on stackapps.

When I tried to copy my profile from my associated accounts, it blew up ("something bad happened").

So I tried to fill in the information manually, and I discovered that there is a 3-character minimum on display name (which is, I assume, the reason the copy failed).

I've had my SO/MSO/SF/SU display name as TM for a very long time...

Is this 3-char limit only for stackapps, or am I just grandfathered in on the other sites?

If I change my display name one day on SO/MSO/SF/SU, will I be unable to go back?

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Wait when did this 3 char limit come in effect!? – Earlz May 21 '10 at 7:02
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Prevent (or at least notify about) display names shorter than 3 chars

We no longer allow names of 2 characters.

3 characters is the minimum name length, and this is enforced.

However, users who have an existing 2 character name may retain it, but will be unable to copy their profile from site to site until they make their username at least 3 characters.

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I believe you were grandfathered in, and thus any future changes will be subject to a 3-character limit.

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