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Once in a while, I'm browsing on the Stack Overflow trilogy, and I vote up an answer or two and then refresh the page. What happens is that the votes have attached themselves to answers I didn't vote for, and have been unattached to the ones I did vote for.

Repro steps:

Unknown. Unable to reproduce consistently.

Expected result:

Votes stay attached to the answer I voted for.

Actual result:

Votes occasionally attach to the wrong answer.

Browser and OS:

Safari 4.0.4 for Mac; Mac OS X 10.5.8

More irrelevant thoughts:

Personally, I see 3 places where there could be a problem.

1. Browser problem (rendering incorrectly for some weird reason)
2. Problem with the voting script (recording a vote for the wrong answer) (fixed upon refresh)
3. Problem with the output script (sending incorrect output even though DB is right)

If I experience this problem again, I should be able to eliminate either #2 or #3, depending on whether the error is persistent or not. (I'm not sure at this time if it only displays incorrectly for one instance or if it does so consistently)

@SOFU team: If you feel inclined to ignore this bug report because of the lack of repro steps (presumably, you guys haven't experienced the same problem) until I get more info, please do so.

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Sleepvoting should be recognized as a serious illness finally. – Gnoupi May 24 '10 at 7:38
Quite late, but maybe related: Voting counted on wrong answer. – Arjan Aug 27 '13 at 19:04

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I've seen something like this with Safari 4 (particularly when I've taken some time to research whether an answer was good enough for my vote, or where I've been interrupted by non-internet things like work or family) but could never reproduce reliably. What I can say is that refreshing straight after allows you to check whether your vote is on the right answer, and if it's gone awry, you can correct. Don't hang about though; you've only got a few minutes before your vote gets locked in.

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Quite late, but maybe related: Voting counted on wrong answer. – Arjan Aug 27 '13 at 19:05

I have never, ever seen this in all my voting across two years.

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