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This post was merged with an earlier question, to which I'd posted an answer. I'd been drifting to and from my computer from time to time during the day and noticed the page was still open so I refreshed it to see there were any updates, only to find a "page not found" message. This problem has been raised before so I don't really want to get into that.

I found the other post by searching for keywords I remembered in the question, wasn't difficult. But I noticed that the new post was slightly different - the code sample in the question was altered, which made a couple of the answers (including mine) posted in the earlier question sort of irrelevant. Although the revision history shows a merge took place, there was no link to the revision history in the question, no indication that the post had been edited or changed. So I'd like to make the following suggestions:

  • Show a "merged" message with a link where you would usually find the edited message:

    merged 8 hours ago
    Bill the Lizard ♦
    53.6k •15 •95 •215
  • Perform a diff between the two and show in the revision history.

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