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Possible Duplicate:
Stack Exchange for in-house use
Is the Stack Exchange engine available?
Creating an internal Stack Exchange for proprietary questions?

Stack Overflow is great. I see there are Stack Exchange sites that cover other domains.

Is there a Stack Overflow that a company could run internally?

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Oops, looks like that blog post got renamed, user27414's answer does link to it, but with the url ending in "stack-exchange-2-0". Popular Demand's answer is fairly good, and a dupe of these answers, but it doesn't add anything that's not yet been said. Merge not required. – Kevin Vermeer Oct 27 '11 at 13:48
Actually, @KevinVermeer, I think my answer to Creating an internal Stack Exchange for proprietary questions? is even better. – Pops Oct 27 '11 at 15:04

As already mentioned, it's not available to run internally. On top of that I'd like to add that it's probably not suited for that situation anyway. Stack Overflow needs a fairly large active community to really work, and it's doubtful most places would be able to create such a community. Even if you have enough employees, driving adoption is not as easy as it sounds.

That said, if you want to try it anyway there are a number of clones you can look at:
Stack Exchange clones

Also, a clone is probably a better fit for your situation, because you can take the code and apply tweaks to do things like use your company's single sign on system or facilitate more discussion and social features. I could see code access + SSO as incredibly powerful for allowing things like only allowing certain users the ability to create tags, or view or create questions using certain tags, to allow additional sub communities within teams in your organization, while still only having one site to maintain.

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Although Stack Exchange version 1 was available for local installation, version 2 is not.

From the Stack Exchange blog:

Q: I am interested in licensing the Stack Overflow source code.

As a part of our new focus on serving large, internet-sized communities, we are no longer offering the Stack Overflow software.

Q: I am interested in creating a private, internal Stack Exchange inside my organization.

We no longer offer such a product.

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