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Background: I asked a question on A user posted a response, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for and the comments veered in a different direction. He/she decided to delete his/her answer. Fine.

Now, however, I need access to one of my own comments on that deleted answer. I checked my activity log and it is not there.

How can I get access to my own comments on this deleted answer? (if you can get it, I just need the one that has the DPI for Word images - no need for heroics). Any response is appreciated.

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@Hans: Thanks for the WIC tip, I'll start to investigate that more. The only problem I immediately notice with that is that I can't bring in WMF/EMF files to convert to PNG. Granted, EMF/WMFs are generally pretty small in many cases, but my final format must be 1) PNG, 2) resolution 96dpi, 3) the same physical dimensions as the original. – Otaku May 15 at 18:16

Here's an example: When you take any EMF file and stick it into a program to print, it will print at a certain size in inches. How does it know what to print at in terms of dimensions? It uses a DPI on the width/height (in pixels) to create physical dimensions. So a 909h/742w pixel EMF in Paint will be 7.58h/6.18w inches at Paint's default of 120dpi (=pixel/dpi). In PowerPoint, DPI 144 is used (72*2), so the exact same EMF will be 6.31h/5.15w inches. (Weirdly enough, MS Word uses about 114.3 DPI). In my case, I'm looking to retain the PPT version of dimensions. But WIC can't pull in EMF/WMFs. – Otaku May 15 at 19:58

Yeah, I can get that, it's good info. I think we may be talking about 2 different things now that have veered from my original question. – Otaku May 15 at 20:23

The WIC tip is good. I'm still researching it to see if there is anyway I can work with it with WMF/EMFs. Like pull in a WMF from System.Drawing.Image and convert that to a System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapSource and keep the values when converting from a System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile and resize it in the new namespace. – Otaku May 15 at 20:54

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You rock Cat, thanks so much! Will accept the answer in 8 minutes. – Otaku May 27 '10 at 2:38

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