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I'm new to Stack Overflow, and I'm looking for a list of questions that contains just questions about interesting tags. For example, I'm interested in Java, and have no clue about Python, but questions about Python clutter my questions page. I don't have answers concerning any Python problem. I think it's too exhausting to enter my interesting tags in the search combined with OR. Is there a usable way to do this?

By the way, what are interesting tags used for right now? I added some in my profile but didn't see a benefit.

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Check out this feature-request:… – Lance Roberts May 27 '10 at 23:28
Are you Stefan, the Cherokee developer? – Tim Post Jun 26 '10 at 22:16

If you're only interested in questions with a particular tag, I recommend browsing within that tag rather than the homepage.

It is possible to bring all your interesting tags into a tag set at -- see

You can also subscribe to them via RSS or email

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As of right now the tag-searching mechanism is the only way of getting a list of only interesting-tags.

I do like this feature request though and I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to add another tab to the home page for My Tags or something like that.

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