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What will happen when I call a member function on a NULL object pointer?

Currently there is 3 delete votes and, With 20:1 ratio, there should be needed only 2 extra votes + 3 based votes, but it says now 4 more votes needed to delete when I hover the delete (n) link

Following is the scores of each posts on that question currently, first one is on question.

[3, 27, 6, 2, 2, 1, -1, -4, -5, -5]

If I don't count minus scored answers, total score is 41, and when I count all its only 26 scored.

So, I feel like 4 more votes needed to delete as bug,

and minus scored answers count in delete vote calculations or no?

Edit: Question just got deleted with 4 total votes, so only the hover text was just wrong, and looks like minus scored answers count towards delete-vote calculation.

Edit2: Added a screen shot

alt text

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This is a bug introduced after the fix to this issue. See my comment to Jarrod Dixon's answer on that question: It always reports the total number of votes needed to delete, without subtracting the number of votes already cast.

Edit: This has been fixed - see Jarrod's comment.

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