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I was rather surprised to discover somebody already brought up this exact thing and it was marked as complete. Jeff said:

for mods and pseudo-mods (10k rep users) we now sort deleted answers to the bottom. All other user classes are unaffected.

I assume by "unaffected" he means "they can't see deleted answers, so we don't even check". This isn't completely true -- I can see my own deleted answers, and they get shuffled with the other zero-vote answers. Shouldn't they be dropped to the bottom for all users, not just mods?

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The intent of this feature is to help mods, for whom all deleted posts are visible.

I'd say it is as-designed for your deleted posts to show up in the standard order, since they are only visible to you (and mods, etc).

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But shouldn't it be the fact that they're deleted that pushes them to the bottom? Regardless of who might view them, they are deleted and therefore less important than non-deleted answers. – GManNickG Jun 2 '10 at 4:47

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