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After reading "How do I edit my Area51 proposal?" I was wondering if we should be able to edit a proposal at all?

Possible reasons to edit a proposal:

  • Add Clarification
  • Increase Scope (for example from Cats to Pets)
  • Decrease Scope (for example from Pets to Cats)
  • Change in audience

Possible reasons NOT to edit a proposal:

  • Questions have already been asked
  • Users that previously followed the proposal may no longer be interested
  • Users are not notified of changes to the proposal
  • Votes on questions may no longer be accurate
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Do edit a proposal to:

  • correct spelling
  • clarify something unclear
  • correct mistakes in the proposal (e.g. using a description in the audience field)

After people start proposing questions and voting on them, Don't edit a proposal to:

  • change the purpose of the site
  • change the audience
  • widen the scope (instead, be more liberal with your on-topic votes)
  • narrow the scope (instead, be more liberal with your off-topic votes)

Never edit a proposal

  • because you've lost interest
  • because you think that the proposal is a terrible idea
  • because you think that the proposal is too narrow
  • because you think that the proposal is too wide

Instead, start a new proposal that is more on-topic.

For example, if you've proposed a site about the Boeing 737 series of jet airliners, and you realize that a site about commercial airliners in general is a much better idea, just abandon your old proposal (unfollow it) and make a new one. If the new one is really a better idea, it will attract far more followers and committers, and ultimately that's the one that's likely to get created.

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Thanks. This is the clarification I was looking for. – brainimus Jun 2 '10 at 12:24
if we're not supposed to use the audience field for desciption, what are we supposed to use? – Stuart P. Bentley Jun 10 '11 at 21:09

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