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Something can be on-topic and still not appropriate for the site. This initially confused me, and a handful of my first 10 votes got switched after reconsidering what is being asked. Therefore, is this on-topic? should instead read is it appropriate?

For example, what is the best X? is clearly on-topic for an "Xoverflow" proposal, even though it would/should be closed and discouraged. If the site is not about such vague, subjective, open-ended questions, we want to clearly mark that question as inappropriate (but softly, not a hammer like "will you buyz my V1AGRA" would be inappropriate to propose in the first place).

Another way to word it is do we want it on the proposed site?, but that's clearly too long. Is there a better way to phrase that sentiment than what I've come up with?

Forty-five minutes later: I just noticed the title text on the "yes" and "no" buttons. Yes.. I should've known to look, but I can't have been the only one that missed it. It gives a better phrase: does it belong?

Update including 3rd voting option

  • belongs on site
  • doesn't belong
  • bad example

Instead of the current:

  • great on-topic example
  • great off-topic example
  • not a good example
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