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I noticed another hostname for SEDE here. Is this the official site?

I logged in and my OpenId was associated with a new user. Surely it should see my existing OpenId as the same user irrespective of the site name.

Also BTW has the logged on time-out been reduced on SEDE? I've caught myself doing anonymous queries when I didn't intend to.

[Sorry for the multiple queries.]

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Just for completeness, is now the official name.

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Yes will be the official name.

I have a rather annoying merge account problem, one of the issues is that I already have 3 accounts from 3 hosts. (staging / live and odata) The database structure allows for a single user to have multiple open ids, but I do not have a UI / back end built yet. The tricky thing with account merge, is that you kind of need to build account unmerge, cause at some point somebody will make a mistake.

With regards to the logged in issue, I noticed I am being kicked out after every deploy, I need to track down what happening with the session and cookies.

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hmmm... cookies... – balpha Jun 3 '10 at 12:23

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