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Example question links don’t work

Recently I was reviewing some of my own example questions and noticed that clicking on the question links just took me to the main proposal page - not to the actual question.

Turns out that it was because I had the questions sorted by "Off-Topic". When I changed the sorting back to "Votes", the question links started working again. Changed back to "Off-Topic" and once again the question links just took me to the proposal.

Pretty sure this is not by design...

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This is a known bug (but it's good to have documented here). Since the linked question is not in the off-topic list, it isn't displayed.

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It actually doesn't jump to the post properly even if the linked question is in the off-topic list. It can even be on the same page, but the anchor won't work. – Aarobot Jun 4 '10 at 1:00

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