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Look at the final comment on this question.

What happened to it? I simply typed:


...and it leaves a funny string after it:" rel="nofollow">

Plus the link doesn't work!

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By the way, I edited the comment, so it's no longer an example of the problem. – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Jun 5 '10 at 2:44
If you want, try posting another comment with that string. – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Jun 5 '10 at 2:44
Are you talking to yourself? – Peter Ajtai Sep 3 '10 at 6:08

You need to encode the colon in the second http:// ; this is fairly typical for "urls that contain http://"


We handle this in the post body but comments are lighter.

Edit: This has been fixed a while ago to also work in comments.

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this – Jeff Atwood Jun 5 '10 at 4:09
Ah thanks. That should fix it. – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Jun 5 '10 at 5:12

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