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In accordance with Jeff's discussion. Currently Area 51 shows the SO-404.

Edit I put a bounty on this to motivate suggestions. Please note however that the accepted answer will not necessarily be implemented since I have no saying on that. But still, you get 100 rep.

Edit2.5 The decision was for David's
no trespassing

I thank you all for your great ideas!

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The links on PageNotFound have been cleaned up so they're not broken any more. We'll monitor this question and be on the general lookout for a new hilarious picture for our 404 :) – Emmett Jun 9 '10 at 22:28
Crap. Can't find a high res Lazlo Hollyfeld picture. Isn't he the one who came up with the site? – Tim Post Jun 15 '10 at 8:19
At least they are constant with Area 51 in doing their own thing without caring about community suggestions :-] – Gnoupi Jun 18 '10 at 6:26
How about using the 'case of the mondays' image. That'll scare any would-be trespassers away. – Evan Plaice Jun 18 '10 at 12:00
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I found this one

alt text

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Yes, because with a photo of the actual "Area 51", you won't have any problem with the authorities :-] – Gnoupi Jun 20 '10 at 10:36

"When you searched for this site, there was no 404, but you spent a nice time in Roswell, New Mexico"

enter image description here

edit or (thanks to Gnoupi for reminding me)

enter image description here

edit maybe a better line would be

"The page you were looking for is not here. You haven't seen a 404. In fact, there is no area51. You have spent all day at stackoverflow"

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Possible other picture for the same idea (a bit smaller): – Gnoupi Jun 9 '10 at 12:47
@gnoupi funny you mention that one, I first considered it, too :) I'll edit it as another option – Tobias Kienzler Jun 9 '10 at 13:33
Note sure how we are doing with rights, though, for such kind of image. – Gnoupi Jun 9 '10 at 14:27
@gnoupi good question, maybe we could find a similar one that is freely available as promotional material – Tobias Kienzler Jun 10 '10 at 7:59
+1 for the last line! – Time Traveling Bobby Jun 14 '10 at 11:15
A way to solve the "rights" issue would be to have Jeff and Joel (or Robert) act the first photo in person :-] With the suits, glasses and all that. – Gnoupi Jun 14 '10 at 15:26
I only see one picture (the second one) is there a first one? – C. Ross Jun 14 '10 at 18:12
@C. Ross: The tingling means it's working. – Dennis Williamson Jun 15 '10 at 8:09
We liked this, but were worried about getting sued :\ – David Fullerton Jun 18 '10 at 13:11
@David - get Jeff and Joel together (or another couple of developers, for example), and act it? :) – Gnoupi Jun 20 '10 at 10:31

Not the page you're looking for

"This is not the page you're looking for..."

share|improve this answer hm... – Tobias Kienzler Feb 18 '11 at 10:35

See, it's only a weather balloon.

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Cartman Anal Probe

Run!!! They're coming!!!

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