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If you locate my most recent "Quick Answers" result, note it does have a result, but note that it took 104 seconds!

This is much more than the Ajax timeout, but clearly the query didn't stop. This suggests a denial of service attack is possible by requesting a number of very long lasting queries.

The [feature-request] is a better UI when Ajax times out.

The [bug] is the SQL query is not aborted.

(This was promoted from a comment I was going to add here.)

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const int QUERY_TIMEOUT = 120;
command.CommandTimeout = QUERY_TIMEOUT;

It would seem my http request timeout is not inline with my query timeout, besides some browsers hard code timeouts and ignore the web servers. Perhaps I should change it from a sync call to: submit job -> get job id -> poll it. Its a big change though.

EDIT I upped the request timeout to 120 so it should not happen anymore, I hope.

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