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In What kind of computer is being used in “Workin on ur problemz”?, the question I actually asked has been answered (V-Tech Talking Whiz Kid Mouse PRO Deluxe), but there's something else that I'd still like to know (why is there a piece of paper in front of the monitor?). (I mentioned the piece of paper before setting the bounty in a comment but not in the question)

Should I

  1. Have thought more carefully about my question before setting a bounty to it
  2. Accept the answer given, but edit the question (which'd attract fewer eyes)
  3. Hold out on awarding the bounty until the follow-on question is answered (is that fair on the bounty-hunter?)
  4. Start a new question about the paper
  5. Get a life (who cares about the paper?)
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#1 and #4

They're separate questions; if you do #2, the bounty-accepted isn't going to answer the new; if you do #3, not fair to the existing bounty-hunter.

#5, is of course, not an acceptable option.

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+1 for the comment on #5. – Andrew Grimm Jun 11 '10 at 0:53

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