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I would like to have a unified notification panel (top menu) where i can see messages, rep, and badge from all the sites of the network. For example, I'm on meta, stackoverflow and serverfault, my panel should look like this:

Cesare | Meta: msg 0, rep 133, bedge 6 | Stack: msg 2, rep 552, bedge 9 | Server: msg 1, rep 120, bedge 3 | log out | about | faq | search

To be honest it's mostly about the messages and the notification.

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If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, you're in luck! (As far as the reputation goes, anyways). I wrote an extension for Google Chrome that does just that:


For Firefox, there's a Greasemonkey script (which is what I based my extension off of).

I also personally recommend the Stack Overflow Notifier extension for Chrome - not mine, but way awesome. Unlike mine, it will show you notifications, replies, etc.

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Should be better if it was native but, cleaver, thanks :) – Cesar Jun 15 '10 at 2:16

Boy, I bet you're happy about the new "local inbox".

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