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[Edit: not a bug, it's a feature]

Yesterday this ex-question definitely had 2 reopen votes. Today the total was reset to zero. I tried re-casting the vote and it was accepted fine, and is still there now.

I thought maybe they're just reset after a certain length of time, but I can't see any mention of this and apparently reopen votes have been buggy lately so I thought it was worth a mention.

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up vote 4 down vote accepted

Close and reopen votes expire after 4 days if the question doesn't actually get closed/reopened (i.e. doesn't reach 5 total votes).

You can check the FAQ for closed questions for more info.

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Close and reopen votes decay after 4 days. The question was closed on Jun 9th and it is now Jun 15th, so it may be that those 2 reopen votes were cast over 4 days ago, when the question was first closed.

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