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In area 51, looking at the example questions list of a commitment phase proposal, hovering over the example question votes displays the text (emphasis mine):

this example is a great example of a question that would belong on the site (click again to undo)

But of course, the proposal is already in the commitment phase so votes cannot be cast, and the vote boxes cannot be clicked. Maybe it should change to something like:

This is the amount of people who voted this question as a great example of questions that would belong on the site

And similarly for off-topic / bad examples.

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The commitment-phase tooltips have been fixed. Thanks @Oak.

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While inaccurate, this seems to be the normal tool tip behavior on all of the sites. For instance, votes you cast on SO a year ago will still say "Click again to undo" even though the time you could have done so has long since passed.

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