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Suppose I asked 3 questions

  • 1 deleted
  • 1 marked as answer
  • 1 not marked as answer.

Is my acceptance rate 1/2 (2 = 3 - 1 deleted) or 1/3 (3 = all posted)?

Another question is if I delete a question which some other people gave me replies, but I do not mark any of the replies as answer (I just rate them up), will deleting the question impact my points/acceptance rate?


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Deleting the question, if you have upvotes, will eventually lead to a reputation reduction for you. The question will no longer apply to your acceptance rate calculation. Note that you can't delete questions that have more than 1 answer or an answer which have received 2 or more upvotes -- see the FAQ for more details.

Personally, I'd stop worry about how deletion affects your acceptance rate/reputation and simply start accepting the best answer for your questions whenever possible.

Thank you tvanfosson! Question answered! – George2 Jun 19 '10 at 14:37

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