Wouldn't be nice if results in Data Explorer could link to the post they result in?

Please provide a link function that takes a PostId and returns a link to that post.

For example

-- Great Answers
-- Lists the answers a user owns that are eligible for the Great Answer Badge
SELECT P1.Score, P1.Id, P1.ParentId, P2.Title, link(P1.Id) as 'Link'
FROM Posts as P1  -- find responses of questions
JOIN Posts as P2 --And the question it responds to
ON P1.ParentId  = P2.Id
WHERE P1.PostTypeId = 2                 -- answers
AND P1.OwnerUserId = ##UserId##       -- by you
AND P1.Score > 100 --Which a score of over 100
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It's already possible.

select p.Id as [Post Link] from Posts p
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