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Trying to access a nonexistent URL on Stack Exchange Data Explorer causes a yellow screen of death. Example:

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ok, Im on to it :) thanks for the report – waffles Jun 22 '10 at 3:52
status-completed :) – waffles Jun 23 '10 at 8:02
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I cleaned up this and a bunch of other places where this was happening today.

Essentially I was being a bit to greedy with my route matching, I went through the routes and changed it so when we expect a number we will only match to a number.

So, for example we had a few routes like so:

[Route(@"{sitename}/qte/{savedQueryId}/{slug?}", RoutePriority.Low)]

Which I rewrote to:

[Route(@"{sitename}/qte/{savedQueryId:\d+}/{slug?}", RoutePriority.Low)]

Additionally I sprinkled a few PageNotFounds in some strategic places.

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