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This question was migrated from stackoverflow to superuser and closed there for being off-topic. I really think it is an interesting question, and would like answers to it. Since the site-proposal for web-apps is not through yet, and questions about tools are very common on stackoverflow, I really thought this was the place. How should I proceed? Can it be reopened in some place?

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You'll just have to wait for the Web Apps site. It would be a good question for the beta period so sign up now (if you haven't already) using this handy link… (which happens to be my referral link) – ChrisF Jun 24 '10 at 12:17
Like I commented: Sorry but web applications aren't allowed on Super User, which is actually a mistake from the guys over at Stack Overflow for even migrating it. However, Wolfram Alpha, as one of the answers suggests is really a great tool for your purpose – Ivo Flipse Jun 25 '10 at 6:17
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It's an unfortunate side effect of maintaining strong Q&A systems: not every question can be accommodated. Every good Q&A community has to establish their boundaries and maintain them rigorously. Even if your question is truly awesome, it is simply off-topic on all the current systems.

Stack Exchange hopes to solve your problem.

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