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I have a minor suggestion that may help navigation for the new careers.stackoverflow.com site. See this image:

alt text

I suggest you change the "file your CV" tab to read "my CV".

My reasons:

  1. The link takes you to a page titled "My CV"
  2. The tab is primarily for returning users who have filed a CV; new users will read the instructions and follow the link on the home page, which rightly contain the phrase "file your CV".
  3. It's more personal.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

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+1 - I was lost trying to find my cv – juanformoso Jun 24 '10 at 18:46
@Juan Manuel: Yeah, it took me several minutes of head scratching before I just started randomly clicking on links. Hence my suggestion. – Randolpho Jun 24 '10 at 18:58
Good suggestion, working on it now. Should go live tomorrow. – Matt Sherman Jun 24 '10 at 20:03
+1 for freehand circles! – alexanderpas Jun 24 '10 at 23:58
@alexanderpas: and free-hand arrows... don't forget that..... – Randolpho Jun 25 '10 at 2:31
@Matt Sherman: looks like it's gone live. Thanks! – Randolpho Jun 25 '10 at 14:10
@Matt Sherman: Also, can you add an answer mentioning that it's complete so I can accept it? We gotta build that rep up! :) – Randolpho Jun 25 '10 at 14:11
We were unable to implement the red circle and arrows. Waiting for HTML5. – Matt Sherman Jun 26 '10 at 5:58
@Matt Sherman: try using jQuery! – alexanderpas Jun 26 '10 at 16:37

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This has been added. Thanks for the suggestion!

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