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I am looking for a complete documentation on what all stackoverflow supports or provides in terms of its features?

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No proper doc is available, just a bunch of posts here on meta, look for [sofaq] tags. – akarnokd Jul 15 '09 at 12:30

I do not believe there is a single feature list or design document available to detail all the features of StackOverflow. Most of that information can be found by perusing the various SOFAQ-tagged posts on StackOverflow. This will give you a very detailed run-down of the way things work and the way the community is set up to perform.

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I bet Joel would like that too! Eventually you'll get one, when they try selling it (maybe. I would expect it, but then again, maybe they won't care), but until then your best bet is just scrounging around.

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Here's one:

  • Syntax highlighting for posted code.

Just keep it going this is CW

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