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Before I go power hungry and start closing random questions, are there any guidelines I should follow to be considered responsible?

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For a start, I recommend reviewing the close FAQ to understand in better detail the reasons why questions need to be closed, and to understand the different close reasons. – Grace Note Jul 7 '10 at 17:25
@Grace, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. Anything else? – Mike Sherov Jul 7 '10 at 17:26
Don't disolve the senate, and if it's in any way avoidable, even if you think it's for a good reason, I'd steer clear of crossing the Rubicon prior to a dissolution of your army. – Jaydles Jul 7 '10 at 17:30
While not an answer, I'm almost certain someone is going to end up linking this feature request. – Grace Note Jul 7 '10 at 17:38
Read this:… – Shog9 Jul 7 '10 at 17:39
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In general, close a question if it belongs on another site (that's usually obvious), or is clearly a duplicate of another question, or if it's obviously not a question or not worthwile on the site. Think before you vote to close a question. Is this really a duplicate, or is it just a similar question? If it's a subjective question, does it add value to the site? If you can, feel free to edit the question to make it better, particularly if it's just poorly worded.

tl;dr: Don't be a jerk.

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Basically if you think it meets the FAQ then reopen/keep it open. If it violates the FAQ then close it. Pretty simple. Also see for some interesting past closings

Also of course be smart when closing. Don't close a question as a duplicate of a closed question, etc etc.

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reason for the downvote is? – Earlz Jul 7 '10 at 20:35

Improve grammar, remove unnecessary tags, fix markdown errors and most of all, be sensible. Don't become a Wikipedian!

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That's the 2K threshold you're thinking of. – Grace Note Jul 7 '10 at 17:27
Maybe I don't get the context, but why shouldn't he "become a Wikipedian"? – C. Ross Jul 7 '10 at 17:43
@C. Ross: because it'll distract him from his new duties on SO! Also: Don't become a parent, a golfer, a lawyer, a short-order cook, a compulsive gambler, or an astronaut... – Shog9 Jul 7 '10 at 18:18
looks like we are both victims of a drive by downvoter.. – Earlz Jul 7 '10 at 20:35
@Earlz: Well this is meta, I see this place as a sort of a side nab anyways. Most likely the downvoter was a "Wikipedian", they're not that thick-skinned as most of us - just joking, I don't really care who downvoted because he didn't say why :) – Esko Jul 8 '10 at 20:56

Don't close random questions.

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And don't close random's questions either. ;) – gnostradamus Jul 7 '10 at 18:14
But do close questions randomly - users expect it! – Shog9 Jul 7 '10 at 18:16
random doesn't care. @gno – random Jul 7 '10 at 19:48

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