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Which browsers are officially supported by Stack Exchange?

Also, what else is needed in order to use every feature of the site?

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The bottom line:

"We support current and previous versions of all browsers with some reasonable amount of market share, but not beta or development versions." –Jeff, paraphrased (source); subsequently reaffirmed by other developers

The following list is the community's best guess about supported browsers based on the above rule and team members' statements.

Standard View

Mobile View

  • Android browser
    • Supported: 4.0 and up (source)
  • Mobile Safari
    • Supported: 7.0 and 6.1 (current versions)
  • BlackBerry Browser
    • 7.0 and 7.1 — possibly supported (current versions; enough market share?)
  • Firefox for Mobile
    • Stack Overflow appears to function properly in 10.0.3
  • Chrome for iOS
    • Stack Overflow appears to function properly in the latest version
  • Opera Mobile
    • Stack Overflow appears to function properly in 12.0.1
    • Explicitly unsupported: Opera Mini (source)
  • Symbian
  • Internet Explorer Mobile
    • Works with Windows Phone 8, at least.
  • Other
    • probably unsupported

What else do I need?

There are requirements beyond using a modern browser for getting the best possible experience:

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