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Can I do a search on stackoverflow for all posts with a certain tag, and with a certain thing in the subject and body? e.g. if i'm looking for vbscript sendkeys unicode.. The tag would be vbscript, but sendkeys is just a function, and unicode is in relation to sendkeys. So i'd really want vbscript in the tag, and sendkeys and unicode in the subject. can I do such a search?

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Yes. Check out the search page.

Something like this (not sure about the intitle syntax):

[vbscript] intitle:sendkeys unicode

I submit to you though that searcjhing in the question title explicity will hardly make sense, except if you are searching for a specific post.

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Thanks.. search ref page is especially useful.. I see it comes up when entering nothing and pressing ENTER. – barlop Jul 7 '10 at 21:46

Yes, just enclose the tags in square brackets. So for your example, type

[vbscript] sendkeys unicode

in the search box.

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