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Is there a limit to how many time somebody can edit a post just to change the tags?

There is a post that is 19 days old that has been edited 17 times - mostly switching between the image/images tag - so it pops to the top of the page.

Whilst I can ignore this one user, it is going to get real annoying if others decide to play this game.

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I don't believe there's any such limit, no.

However, if a post does keep being edited by just a few people, you can flag it for a moderator to investigate. They may well lock the post.

If the same user does this for lots of posts, they're likely to be warned and may eventually get in the penalty box.

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If you're really bothered you could raise a flag on that post "Requires Moderator Attention" and explain why in the text box that appears.

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There isn't a limit - however, flag it for a moderator and we'll intervene. I've locked the post in question; now I'll see if this is habitual...

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It appears this user is attempting to keep the question active by constantly making an edit. I would flag a moderator.

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