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Once a proposal is in commit phase, there's no way for the participants to communicate with each other (as far as I can tell). When the proposal goes beta, an e-mail gets sent out to the committers, so some list exists. My question is: is there any way to e-mail the committed participants prior to this?

Now, of course, this is a recipe for spam, and would have to be done very carefully. But my problem is that I'd like to get a sense of the community regarding a proposal that I'm heavily involved with — I didn't propose it, but I've been promoting it a bit — and currently there's no way of talking to other committers. I'd be happy to share my e-mail with the relevant moderators for approval so that they can verify that it isn't spam.

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The factors involved have some overlap with contacting another SO user – David Z Jul 10 '10 at 22:10
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Email is private. We can approve your intentions and all that, but in the end, members of this site did not ask to receive email from you. Providing private email addresses to a third party would be a serious breach of trust... regardless of their good intentions.

As a general matter of philosophy, we don't provide a routine means of users contacting each other. The Q&A nature of these sites focuses more on the information and less on the person-to-person connections of a social network.

If members wish to be contacted by other members, they will provide their email address in their profile.

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that's I guess what I expected. The other question then is: is there a way to place an announcement of any kind on the landing page for the proposal, so that people visiting there could see it ? – Suresh Jul 10 '10 at 22:34
You don't need to pass on actual email addresses - just add a way to send a message to all other committers, combined with an opt-in preference "allow emails from other committers" for each proposal. – Peter Boughton Jul 11 '10 at 0:23

As I answered in a question "similar but different" : having a meta website (even light) as soon as the proposition enters in the commit phase would be really helpful.

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How about adding a link to the third place and have a chat room for people interested and /or committed. And I second the idea of an early meta page. I already receive a flood of emails from everywhere, and even if my addy is not given I have no way to prevent massive email traffic.

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