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I set up a bounty on another person's question and awarded the same within 7 days, and received my Investor and Altruist badges a couple of days back. The badges were awarded retrospectively - the bounty was created and awarded a couple of days before the badges were implemented.

Just now SO surprised me saying that I received a Benefactor badge for the same question. I thought the Benefactor was for awarding bounties on my own questions. I've never started a bounty on any of my questions let alone award them.

I guess it's a bug. For what it's worth, I got my Electorate badge (my first golden one) along with it. They came together; it said - "you've earned a Benefactor and one more badge: check your profile"

My question is, how do I exploit this bug to get a Gold or at least a Silver badge ;)

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Sorry, it was my fault 16 people total were affected on SO, this is fixed now.

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Cheers... and that was fast..! – Amarghosh Jul 12 '10 at 7:43

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