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Possible Duplicate:
How to get attention for your old, unanswered questions

I sometimes find myself asking a question and it is only answered once... maybe twice... and I'm looking for a variety of answers.

For example, I asked this question on Stack Overflow and I was hoping a lot of people would share their thoughts an opinions, but only 1 user replied, and it wasn't very helpful.

How can I attract more users to answer my question, besides starting a bounty? I don't want to delete the question and re-post it.

Thanks in advance.

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marked as duplicate by Grace Note, devinb, Aarobot, George Stocker, Jon Seigel Jul 12 '10 at 23:07

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

I really recommend against "deleting and reposting". Really, a better option would be bumping it via edit, as detailed in this similarly titled question. – Grace Note Jul 12 '10 at 17:13
That is what I have been doing so far. Thanks. – Hristo Jul 12 '10 at 17:18
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One thing I noticed: in the post you linked to (in the part Actual Question) your question is quite broad (also note the 4 question marks in that paragraph).

Questions which are broad in nature or questions divided into multiple sub-questions tend to get fewer answers because not as many people feel qualified to give an in-depth answer for every single aspect of the problem.

Another aspect may be sheer luck (asking the question at the right time - that is, when someone capable and interested in answering it is). And be aware that some of the harder / more niche Q&A still get low views.

Don't read this as personal criticism (it looks like you took some time to write the question).

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No not at all... I appreciate your honesty and thanks for your response. It makes a lot of sense. – Hristo Jul 12 '10 at 22:35

Post a link on Twitter, your Facebook page, your blog or any other site where you might reach someone who'll know the answer.

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