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Currently, there are 91 [git] questions on SU compared to 3,588 at SO. Are there reasons for keeping this split?

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Well, from a wider angle I'd say that many computer (power/super) users would actually benefit a lot by facilitating revision control for their every day document handling(/backup) (see Martin Fowlers Bliki page on Subversion for a particular nifty use case, and more thoughts regarding this).

That said, I've yet to witness this technique being applied properly by a not so technical and especially not so programming oriented group of users (e.g. in a corporate environment). In addition Git will likely be the least appealing/usable DVCS for the non technical users out there, IMO (no preference stated here, just my observations for this particular use case).

Since looking at a few sample questions seems to indicate that most are programming related indeed, you have a point here, but be aware that this would be opening a can of worms, as their are quite some other version control related questions too ;)

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