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Recently I asked a question that was answered pretty quickly (in several minutes). Since the two answers were good, I tried to upvote both and accept one of them. When I clicked "accept" I saw a hint "You can accept an answer in 57 seconds". Each time I clicked on "accept" I saw the same hint with lower value.

What is that hint about? Which moment is the time counted from? Why have I never seen that hint before?

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You need to wait 15 minutes after the question is first asked before you can accept an answer on it. It's to give people a chance to comment on the early answers and post their own, so you don't immediately accept the first answer. See this feature request and Jeff's answer

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I see. I guess it is also to encourage hitting "refresh" to see the newly added answers. The more I use the trilogy sites software the more I'm fascinated with the amount of polish on different aspects of user experience. – sharptooth Jul 14 '10 at 6:13

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