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I'm participating in the gadgets SE and wanted to refer to the on- and off-topic questions on the Area 51 proposal. However, I couldn't find a link to it anywhere in the SE site. If I'm not missing the obvious, could we have one?

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There is such link, see… – Vi. Jul 8 '14 at 11:18
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That's a feature that will probably become less and less useful, and eventually unnecessary, as time goes on, since the site will develop its own corpus of actual questions that will be a better guide to what's on-topic or off-topic. I personally would be fine just keeping the Area 51 proposal open in another tab or something, if it's needed, for the first few days. So I don't think this is really that important.

If it does get added, it should definitely be a feature of only the beta site interface, and should get removed at some point (possibly as early as when the private beta ends).

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This was right after the Beta site opened, but I agree that it gets less useful as it moves to a full-fledged SE site. – Niall C. Jul 16 '10 at 1:51

Ah yes, this is an oversight. I'll fix it in a more general way so it works for all sites.

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