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Current chat is gorgeous, but I want a minimalistic experience. No animations, no avatars, no stars or favorites, no sounds -- just chat and user list.

Could we get an option to switch between full and lite versions of chat?

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We have a chat? – TheLQ Jul 15 '10 at 3:29
@Lord it's in beta preview this weekend: blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/07/third-place-chat-beta-preview – Jared Harley Jul 15 '10 at 3:33
@Jared: I need to start following that blog... seems all of my "We have X?!" questions are answered by "Yes, its on [blog link]." Anyway, thanks for that link – TheLQ Jul 15 '10 at 3:37
@Lord There was a meta post about it too, but it's easy to miss :) – Michael Mrozek Jul 15 '10 at 4:38
There is ?mobile=true - any use? – Marc Gravell Aug 13 '10 at 22:49

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"How quickly the world owes him something he knew existed only ten seconds ago..."

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You sir, owe me a new keyboard. – perbert Jul 15 '10 at 4:12
(video now deleted) – Marc Gravell Mar 15 '11 at 10:08
@Marc I've fixed the link. To future viewers, if the video disappears again, search for "Louis C.K. talks on Conan O'brien about technology" to find it elsewhere. Great video. – Adam Davis Aug 10 '11 at 23:39

There is a now mobile version of chat for iPhone / Android that works quite well in our testing.

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Windows Phone 7? – Simon P Stevens Jul 15 '10 at 7:27
Should work, try it.. but we pretend anything pre-Mango (IE9 mobile) doesn't exist. IE 7.5 on a phone.. brrrr.. nasty – Jeff Atwood Aug 11 '11 at 0:05

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