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I'd be interested in an RSS feed for questions with at least a certain number of votes or replies. This might be implemented as a GET parameter appended to any feed URL.

For example, the following feed might return PHP articles with at least 20 votes:

The following feed might return jQuery articles with at least 15 replies:

This would purposely reduce the list of PHP articles for users interested in reading, but not necessarily replying to, specific topics.

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Well, we do now have much better tag-based feed support:

Any way to get an RSS feed of 'newest' tagged questions?

what you're describing I am not sure we will do, but there is some pointlessness around "give me the 30 highest voted questions in [foo] tag" that I might add more to, later..

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Hey Jeff, I was thinking more along the lines of "give me any posts that have at least 30 responses" (not the top 30 posts). For some tags I want to take more of a "read only" approach, so I just want the best Q and A's, not everything. It sounds like the "hot" designation may give a similar result. I'll give that a try. – richardkmiller Oct 12 '09 at 8:33

This is possible now thanks to a flexible little app I created called stack2rss that converts API requests into RSS feeds.

A feed that does what you've described looks like:

Here's essentially what is does:

  • Takes all questions tagged 'php'.
  • Sorts them by votes.
  • Filters the results to only include ones with vote count >20.
  • Returns the post body in the feed.

Hope that helps!

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Very cool! I've subscribed to a few of these feeds to try them out. Thanks for posting this. – richardkmiller Sep 22 '10 at 7:04

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