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I can see/predict some developer-oriented sites starting to use StackOverflow as their forum, instead of maintaining their own forum. I think it would be beneficial to both parties.

They can integrate Stack Overflow content in their site with tag-specific RSS feeds, and direct people to SO to ask questions.

To link people to ask questions, they can just link to stackoverflow.com/questions/ask. But it would be even more beneficial if they could prefill tags with their site moniker, e.g stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?tags=php,mysql,mysite.com.

Is this something worth considering? (both the feature of prefilling tags, and the wider context of use as a plugin to another site) Has there been previous discussion about this? Would SO find this beneficial? Or is it a bad idea and SO is mostly interested in "direct" traffic and not serving third-party sites?

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SO isn't an advertising platform, it's a place to get answers and discuss programming related issues. Being able to post remotely is one thing (hopefully something that will be accomplished in a few months by an API), but there's no place for tags that refer to where a user came from.

This is along the same lines as greetings, signatures, and closing statements and is completely unnecessary. I don't care if you came from icantcode.com, I'll answer your question if I can. If this behavior is ever executed you can kiss any usefulness of SO goodbye, as it will become an advertising haven for wehaveawebsitewithaterribleenginesoweusestackoverflowsinsteadbutstillwanttodirecttraffictooursite.com It will also cause the unwanted behaviour of bias towards questions with certain tags that have nothing to do with the actual problem.

I only want to answer questions with the tag mysite.com to help out my users

Which is against everything that SO is about.

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This has been implemented at some point.

You can now pre-fill the tag field with a link by passing a tags parameter, like so:


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This is something I'd like to see so that people can ask question on my blog that I can then easily find.

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-1 Your profile is more then enough requirement for people to read your blog. SO is about the community, not personal justification. –  BinaryMisfit Aug 25 '09 at 16:03

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