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Now that the tag synonyms are implemented, how does it affect the monthly data dump?

Should the data dump have the list of tag synonyms?

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Yes, this should be added since it's public information. I don't think there will be many queries wanting to run on this table, but making the data available will let us get statistics on the tag synonym performance itself.

Adding this information as a new table would make the most sense, and it wouldn't be difficult to implement. Here is how the schema would look in Data Explorer:

SourceTagId (FK to Tags.Id)
TargetTagId (FK to Tags.Id)
Creator (FK to Users.Id)
CreatedDate (DateTime, NOT NULL)
RenameCount (int, NOT NULL)
LastRenameTime (DateTime, NULL)

PK: (SourceTagId, TargetTagId)

The only column I'm not sure about is LastRenameTime. Since the data won't be totally live, it would be a bit useless to include it. But since that information is displayed on the tag synonyms page, I suppose it should be included for completeness.

The tag synonym system is still in development, so I would imagine this is already [status-planned] -- they may just be waiting until the schema is finalized after the new enhancements are added soon. Although, it would seem this one table is more or less done -- there's just going to be more features added to assist in adding entries to this table.

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Re LastRenameTime, it might be useful to see that the last rename was, for example, 6 months ago. For very active tags, the date will of course be the last day of the month, but it looks like this won't be the case for most tags. – Gnome Nov 1 '10 at 6:23

The table TagSynonyms is available on SEDE with the following columns:

Column_name      | Type     | Length | Prec | Scale | Nullable | Collation
Id               | int      | 4      | 10   | 0     | no       | 
SourceTagName    | nvarchar | 50     |      |       | no       | SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
TargetTagName    | nvarchar | 50     |      |       | no       | SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
CreationDate     | datetime | 8      |      |       | no       | 
OwnerUserId      | int      | 4      | 10   | 0     | no       | 
AutoRenameCount  | int      | 4      | 10   | 0     | no       | 
LastAutoRename   | datetime | 8      |      |       | yes      | 
Score            | int      | 4      | 10   | 0     | no       | 
ApprovedByUserId | int      | 4      | 10   | 0     | yes      | 
ApprovalDate     | datetime | 8      |      |       | yes      |

as found in the Data dictionary

At the time of posting this table holds 2930 rows.

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