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Possible Duplicate:
Which component Stack Overflow uses to generate graphs/charts ?

When I go to the reputation tab of my profile, I see a nice graph of my reputation. I was reading in a post somewhere that the StackOverflow engine uses jQuery. What do you use for the chart?

I'm guessing flot?

If so, what plugin do you use for the drag selection?

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Yes, it is flot, and as far as I know, the drag selection is an in-built feature of the library.

You may want to check out this example:

var options = {
    series: {
        lines: { show: true },
        points: { show: true }
    legend: { noColumns: 2 },
    xaxis: { tickDecimals: 0 },
    yaxis: { min: 0 },
    selection: { mode: "x" }   // This is the key to enable selection

// ..

var plot = $.plot(placeholder, data, options);
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