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I just wanted to retag them to jsf2 because it already exist and there's a lot more of it. It just didn't work. I edited the tag, saved it, but the changes were not reflected nor error'ed in some way. This is regardless of whether I used the quick-tag-edit or the full edit. Newly added tags during edits are however correctly reflected in changes.

It look like that the implicit tag synonym retagging has been introduced, but I can't find a note of it and all the "original" synonymous tags are still there?

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Yes, that is due to a tag synonym. The [jsf2] tag was mapped to [jsf-2.0], but a tag merge hasn't taken place yet, so both tags still exist. New additions of [jsf2] will automatically be converted.

Edit: I went ahead and did a merge on those two. We have to do them manually for now.

Keep in mind that if you think a synonym is wrong, we can reverse it (or just remove it) to make it right. Just make a meta [retag-request] post as usual and explain why you think the synonym is wrong. The synonyms that have been added so far are from the Official repository of tag synonyms but nothing is written in stone.

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Thank you. It's a fine choice. I just didn't want to retag the other way round because there's a lot of existing jsf2 tags :) – BalusC Jul 19 '10 at 15:19

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