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The 'java-io' has 44 questions (when I left the page to ask this question - the tools listed 25 uses for the new tag). The questions are mostly not new.

I didn't immediately see a question where the tag was inappropriate, but it did occur to me that someone might be farming themselves a 'Taxonomist' badge.

Could someone check who is doing the tagging?

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That's the result of a retag that I did yesterday. I don't show up in the edit history for most of them because I used a ♦-moderator-only tag merging tool. I had to create the tag in order to use the tool, so I do show up once as an editor. I already have the Taxonomist badge on SO, so another one won't be awarded for that tag.

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So, in summary, the answer to my question is "No, it is not being abused". Thanks. – Jonathan Leffler Jul 27 '10 at 7:30

Why not check for yourself? Just look at the edit histories for the questions.

Taking a small random sample shows them to be either part of the original set of tags set by the asker, or a fix/addition by a random other person (so far never the same one).

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