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I've poked around MSO a bit and seen that there's a data dump and some discussion of screen-scraping, so perhaps I sadly already have the answer to my question, but is there/might there eventually be some way to interact with SO from a non-browser in a way that doesn't involve screen-scraping? I'd like to build an Android app for accessing SO, but screen-scraping is both extra work and extra data...

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There's JSON to get the reputation gained on a specific day, if that's any good to you - that's what my reputation tracker uses. URL format:[userid]/[from-date]/[to-date]

The userid is the numeric one (e.g. 22656 for me). The from-date and to-date are in yyyy-MM-dd format.

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There has been discussion in the past (really popular uservoice suggestion) concerning an API that would allow for access into StackOverflow, but nothing so far has come of it.

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