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One thing that would be neat would be to be able to read questions posted by users with a certain experience (ie. Reputation count) in StackOverflow.

I love browsing StackOverflow to learn about random topics or perfect some of my existing skills, it's a mine for good information. I already follow certain tags.

At the moment when you browser certain tags (ie. WPF), it's full of pretty noob questions, which I'm happy to read or answer whenever I can... However I'd like to see only questions posted by people more experienced or advanced in StackOverflow, that don't ask the questions already asked 10 times and who's questions might be a bit more challenging / deeper in the topics.

Maybe there is a way already that I'm not aware of...


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I don't believe there is a way to do that now; if there were it would probably be a search option like reputation:10000.

For now, you can use the Data Explorer to select all the posts that meet your requirements. For example, all WPF posts by a user with at least 10k rep. It operates on the monthly SO data dump though, so it will be missing the newest posts (it was last updated at the end of June)

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Very cool, thanks for that. – keyle Jul 29 '10 at 0:26

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